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Abdul Rahman Hamidi
Written by
Wednesday, 13 April 2016 15:10
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Assalam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu,

As the president and CEO of Sada E Afghanistan Television(SATV) and on behalf of everyone at SATV, I welcome you. Whether you are interested in Afghanistan, its people, its culture, or its religion we welcome you and hope to use this station to satiate your desire for quality with top notch programs.

Our vision for SATV was to introduce a television station that would be by the people and we hope it will echo the voice of the people. With this vision, we highly recommend and encourage your involvement in SATV by sharing your thoughts and views. We hope to establish a forum to organize and inculcate your views and opinions into every aspect of the station. SATV or the voice of Afghanistan, as it is translated, aims to be comprehensive in its representation of the diversity of Afghanistan without discriminating on the basis of language, personal belief or ethnicity.

Like many Afghans around the world, the last three decades of war has drastically affected my life. The Afghanistan I remember was not perfect but was eons beyond our current state and not even in my worst nightmare would I have imagined during my childhood that the beautiful peaceful country  of Afghanistan would be subject to the endless bloodbath which has dominated its history the later part of the twentieth century and continues till today. I was privileged and honored to attend Kabul University and graduate from the faculty of science with a degree in mathematics and meteorology. I humbly and thankfully  received the international scholarship from the World Meteorology Organization (WMO) to attend a graduate program in atmospheric science at the University of Missouri, Columbia. There I developed a thesis to determine the farmers drought index and the crop moisture index.  The Thesis was well received by the university which advanced me to candidacy for a PhD. However, that was 1978 and as we all know, the political situation in Afghanistan took a drastic change and circumstance beyond our control made everyone to make huge sacrifices to protect their families and their livelihood. My goal when I went to study in the US was to return and serve the people and improve the country. However, that became impossible.

As we entered the twenty first century, the burning desire I have had to help Afghanistan and the Afghan people especially through its suffering has only increased. SATV is the desire incarnate.

With your mutual cooperation, we hope to present the problems of Afghanistan on a daily basis and the facts on the grounds in regards to the present and past condition of Afghanistan with the ultimate goal of finding lasting solutions. We truly believe that when men and women are free to suggest and share their opinions that Afghanistan’s condition will improve. Afghanistan, as a diverse muslim country, full of color and rich in culture and history has a lot to offer the world.

As president of SATV, I will make sure that the television represents the voice of all Afghans around the world and feel that all of us are united in wanting a free and independent Afghanistan. However, the voice of Afghanistan cannot really be the voice of the Afghan unless you participate.

Please join our effort and make this station the voice of Afghanistan.

Abdul Rahman Hamidi