Saaz and Awaz
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Wednesday, 22 December 2010 23:22

Welcome to Saaz and Awaz!

Saaz and Awaz has become a favorite of Afghans around the world featuring live music from both new musicians breaking out on the scene and classical favorites.  The show features Abdul Rahman Hamidi as the host who invites a live band every week to his studio.  On occasions, the show is also featured from locations around the world including Germany and Canada.

On of the main reasons for its popularity is its fan feedback.   During the live show, Abdul Rahman Hamidi fields comments, questions and requests from viewers.  Both the musicians and the host are open to respond and thus, Saaz and Awaz has become the novel twenty first century interactive television program that builds on the open dialogue between viewers, host and guests.

"I love music and I love talking to the viewers," says Abdul Rahman Hamidi, the shows well respected host.  "In one program, we entertain the viewers with Afghan music ranging from classical greats to up and coming newcomer and I think the viewers love it. Since it’s live, there is no auto tune or electronic enhancement and so the viewers enjoy the natural musical talents of our guest"

For the next generation Afghans, the show has become a showcase for new musicians.   Young musicians get a stage to play for viewers who then have the opportunity to call in and comment on their ability.  It's sort of a litmus test for their young career and a referendum on their abilities.

"Young musicians have the opportunity to showcase their abilities in front of a worldwide fan base and the live calls from viewers provide instant feedback.  For the most part, the viewers give very supportive comments and help launch and further fuel the desire and development of their musical abilities."

Join Saaz and Awaz every Thursday night.



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